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RedBox Delivery

Missed delivery is over. Give your customers the freedom to have delivery on their terms through RedBox lockers.

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Delivery time

24 hours in the same city
within 72 hours domestically

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Up to 30 kilogram

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Max: 47x37x30.5 cm

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Put customers first

Missed delivery and sky-high shipping fee are over. Give your customers the freedom to have delivery on their terms through RedBox lockers.

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Centered around daily life

We install lockers wherever customers go – at local supermarkets, oil station or convenience stores – available to use 24/7.

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A more sustainable future

Delivery to lockers can help reduce CO2 emissions by 2/3, as well as lowering congestion in local communities.

What customers tell us


consumers say they don’t want to spend time queuing.


want a wider range of choices for delivery and returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the services provided by RedBox?

RedBox provides smart parcel lockers services to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Customers can receive and return their packages through RedBox parcel lockers within hundreds of RedBox Points around the city.

How can I pick up my packages from RedBox Lockers?

Once your package gets deposited into the RedBox locker, you will receive an SMS with PIN CODE and a tracking link. You can go to the selected RedBox Locker then enter the PIN CODE or scan the QR code.

Where are the RedBox Points located?
RedBox Points are located in many venues around the city, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, and residential compounds. You can see the Lockers map here